Full Length Alpaca Sweater Coat

Full Length Alpaca Sweater Coat

El Pequeno Colibri offers this one of a kind full length, beautiful, hand-knit sweater coat. This coat is made with 100% Alpaca yarn and is 100% hand knit. This is a custom Peruvian knitted sweater. This Alpaca sweater coat comes in two different colors.

  • black/grey mix
  • brown

This alpaca sweater coat also comes in two sizes as well …

  • small/medium
  • medium/large

This Alpaca sweater coat is a fair trade item so that means you are not only supporting a business, but you are supporting a Peruvian family. This coat would be ideal for those nice New England falls or even if it gets to be a little chilly in those warmer southern and western states. All items are shipped from the US so you do not have to worry about any additional shipping fees. To learn more, visit at www.elpequenocolibri.com