Environmental Alarm Systems

Environmental Alarm Systems are becoming more and more popular as they prove themselves to be incredibly useful. Maine Fire & Security has been installing and selling many of these alarms because of their obvious usefulness. Imagine a pipe bursting in your home while you’re away on vacation. Under normal circumstances, you may return to a flooded and property damaged home. With an Environmental Alarm System for your pipes, an emergency shut off would automatically activate, and you would be notified through an app of the occurrence. You could notify your plumber, who could potentially have it fixed before you even got home from vacation. This is the perfect example of environmental alarms.

Environmental Alarm Systems

Water systems is not the only alarm available. The Environmental alarm systems can monitor a multitude of factors:

  • High Heat/Smoke
  • Heater or Generator Failure
  • Power Outages
  • Extreme Temps & Humidity
  • Flooding/Plumbing Failure
  • Water Leak Detection
  • Carbon Monoxide Detector
  • Oil Tank Leak
  • Refrigeration and Freezer Failure

These systems significantly reduce the risk of and costs of property damage. It can not only save your home, but your valuables and memorabilia. These systems can prevent loss of expensive equipment and appliance in your home too. These systems aren’t just for home owners, but business people too. If you own a business with refrigeration units or walk in coolers, a failure can cost you your business. Accidental food poisoning or loss of stock can come at the wrong moment and you can lose reputation as well as sales.

Examples like these can happen to many businesses and homeowners. To mitigate these risks, and possibly save some money on insurance, we recommend businesses and homeowners look into these alarm systems. As technology develops, we would be fools not to take advantage of it. Contact Maine Fire and Security LLC to learn more and buy your Environmental Alarm System.