Plaster Restoration

Plaster restoration with Kronenberger and Sons may be the very thing you need to keep your historic home pristine and looking amazing. Plaster decorations ca be a piece of a historic building that ties in multiple design elements. The right kind of design can make all the difference, especially when home were made with more artistic expression. These days modern homes are built as cheaply and efficiently as possible. But you historic home should keep its refinement. Don’t allow time and poor temperature conditions to ruin your plaster ceiling or finish. Kronenberger and Sons can restore your plaster and finishes so they look as good as they did new. Don’t even think about getting rid of those elements of a historic building if you can restore them!

Plaster Restoration

Plaster and finish restoration is just one of the services from Kronenberger and Sons. They are historic restoration experts. They can restore wood and metals, like doors, windows, building decor, clock towers, steeples, cupolas, and more. Their services include:

  • tarnish and stain removal
  • epoxy repair
  • soldering and welding
  • paint and coat removal
  • coating protection and painting
  • polishing and buffering
  • and general maintenance

They go through painstaking effort when restoring older and original pieces. Removing harmful chemicals like asbestos and lead so you can breath easy next to these beautiful pieces of art which is part of your historic home.

Having been in business since 1946, some of the pieces they work on are younger than their business! Kronenberger and Sons have dedicated themselves to preserving history through older homes and buildings. These buildings tall part of the story of America, and beyond, and are worth preserving. Contact them today to have them restore your historic building. Learn more on their website.