Boston Antiques : Antiques Period

If you’ve been looking for the right place to buy your authentic Boston Antiques, be sure to check out Antiques Period. These Boston antiques experts deal with European furniture with emphasis on period and later neoclassical pieces. That is not all, they also specialize in bound books and old masters drawings. If you’ve been searching for a specific piece they might be able to help with your search! Antiques Period has a large network of contacts all across Europe, mostly in France. This allows them to find pieces that may not be in their inventory.

This Boston Antiques company was founded by Francois Bardonnet, a Paris native. This antiques expert has been intrigued by fine furniture since he was young. He grew up in Paris with his parents who were avid collectors themselves. As in their nature they took young Francois took trade shows, auction houses and galleries all across Europe. This drove him to study art history while attending college in Paris. After graduating college and interning at Sotheby’s and the Victoria & Albert Museum he moved to New York. From there he went on to get his degree from Columbia University and worked on wall street. After getting sick of wall street he decided to pursue his passion for fine European furniture professionally. After traveling between New York and Boston while working for a top New York antiques dealer he fell in love with Boston.

Making the move to Boston in 2004, he opened his own Boston antiques store. Francois returns to Europe often to buy new items and keep his wide spanning networks open. So if you’ve been looking for a specific Boston Antique this is the place you want to go, Antiques Period. Francois knows his art history as well as his inventory. If he doesn’t have what you’re looking for, he has a large network with a good chance he’ll be able to locate it.