Interlocking Metal Weatherstrip

Something I learned recently is how important interlocking metal weatherstrip is to maintaining historic wooden windows and doors. Another shocking piece of information is that it is cheaper to rehabilitate old windows and doors with weatherstripping than replacing them. Not to mention the energy efficiency that interlocking metal weatherstrip adds to an old building. Filling in the small gaps that allow heat and cold to enter or escape the building. No one is more familiar with the features and importance of quality weatherstripping than Accurate Machine Made.

Just to mention a couple things interlocking metal weatherstripping does, it blocks air infiltration, blocks out sound, stops heat loss and makes operation smooth. Those are just a couple reasons why adding interlocking metal weatherstrip to your old wooden windows and doors will improve your home. Before there was silicone and plastic weatherstripping, which you see everywhere nowadays. Windows and doors were fitted with weather stripping which made it impermeable to cold winds, noise and outside heat. If you’re a restorer you probably already know how important quality interlocking metal weatherstrip is. The experts at Bagala Windows also knew how essential this product is the restoration of old buildings. They made it their mission to continue on the name of Accurate Machine Made interlocking metal weatherstrip.

If you’ve been in the business for years you might be familiar with the name Accurate Metal Weatherstrip Company. This was the original company that developed and created more efficient weatherstrip. This company got it’s start back in 1898 and lasted for five generations. When the last generation announced they would be retiring, Mark Bagala could not stand to see their product leave the market. That’s when he went on a mission to acquire the original machines that created the best quality metal weatherstrip. He then formed the company we know today as Accurate Machine Made. Named for the fact that their product is still made be the original Accurate Metal Weatherstrip company machines!