Maine Wedding Entertainment : DJ Greg Young

If you’re in the market for Maine Wedding Entertainment you should check out the team at DJ Greg Young. This Maine wedding DJ got his start over 20 years ago, leaving him with thousands of weddings under his belt. DJ Greg Young is one of the most saute after Maine Wedding Entertainers in Maine. What makes him the most saute after? The fact that DJ Greg Young has one simple goal in mind for each event he is hired for. His number one goal is to understand what is important to his client. This may sound simple, but most entertainment companies take a cookie cutter approach to each event. DJ Greg Young decides to take the focus off of him and put the spotlight on the eager couples.

This Maine Wedding Entertainment takes a different approach to things at almost every turn. He wants his clients educated so that they know what to look for and the right questions to ask when interviewing wedding DJ’s. He makes a point of making sure that one of the first questions you should ask your DJ is if they can mix music. Mixing music is very different than just playing songs and fading them together. Each of the DJ’s at DJ Greg Young are experienced and know hot to blend songs to create the best soundtrack for your reception. These DJ’s work tirelessly behind the DJ booth to keep your party lively and engaged. These music experts want to know what kind of music you enjoy, and will skillfully work it into the reception playlist. After that these skilled Maine Wedding Entertainers will read the crowd and adjust the music and playlist to match their energy.

I know that if I am every planning a wedding, DJ Greg Young would be my one and only call. Not only do these DJ’s know what they’re doing and have an innate ability to read people. They are also pretty much a one stop shop. Not only do they provide DJ services, they also offer rentals. They offer lighting, production and even photo booth rentals, meaning you don’t have to add another vendor to your list. Don’t look any further than DJ Greg Young for your Maine wedding entertainment needs. Don’t take my word for it, check out his website and see all the wonderful testimonials given by past clients.