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There’s only one local company to call if you’re looking for Maine Audio Installation, Downeast Audio Video. They’re here to service no matter if you just need some help setting up your surround sound or if you’re looking to have your home fully converted to a smart home. These audio installation experts know everything there is to know about the industry and the products that are available. Downeast Audio Video has over 25 years of experience in the audio, visual industry combined with their passion for media technology. You will not find a better team to work with on your Maine Audio Installation than Downeast Audio Video. They are a locally owned and operated Maine based company that believe in offering a unique process which puts the client first. The icing on the cake is their can’t be beat tutorials and trainings on how to use newly installed systems. This team will not leave the job until they know you feel comfortable using the new system.

No matter what kind of Maine Audio Installation you’re looking to have done, Downeast Audio Video is the company to do it! They design, service and install video, audio, surveillance and entire network systems for businesses and homes. Their goal is to help you keep your property and occupants safe and entertained. While accomplishing this they do all they can to keep the technology simple and easy to use for everyone. What’s the point of having a fancy new system and not know how to get the most out of it? That’s why what set Downeast Audio Video apart from their competitors is their top quality trainings and tutorials. They want you to get all you can out of the Maine Audio Installation, they get excited about helping people learn their new systems and all it can do!

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If you call Downeast Audio Video you are guaranteed only the best customer service, top quality products and a comprehensive training session when the installation is complete. Whether you’re just looking for someone to expertly and preciously wall mount your TV, or if you’re looking to have some outdoor and landscaping audio installed to better enjoy your outdoor space. Downeast Audio Video offer services such as setting up your home or business network, setting up and installing security cameras, whole house audio and even building a custom home entertainment cabinet. No matter what kind of help you’re in need of, give Downeast Audio Video a call, chances are they do it!