El Pequeno Colibri : Peruvian Tablets

Are you looking for a house warming gift for someone you know who has recently moved into a new home? Or how about someone that is new to the family whom you would like to gift with something that makes them feel welcomed? El Pequeno Colibri has Peruvian tablets that depict family and daily activities. They are from Sarhua, Ayacucho, and they are hand painted on wood using all natural pigments as well as being painted on wood with natural tints. Peruvian tablets tell a story that is told horizontally from top to bottom.  The tablets were created by Pompeyo Berrocal. Each tablet individually tell stories of different courtships, traveling musicians, and tending to crops. These are a great house warming gift for anyone who likes unique decor, especially if they travel a lot and are looking to decorate their homes with different decor from all around the world.