Craft Estetica : Facials

Craft Estetica caters to all skin types and conditions are addressed during facials; including sensitive, dry, oily, normal, combination, acne, rosacea, aging, hyper-pigmentation and melasma. Treatments are designed for both women and men. Craft Estetica customizes facials that are tailored to the individual skin care needs. They may use one or several tools that include ultrasonic cleansing, mechanical or chemical exfoliation, galvanic and high frequency. Craft Esthetic includes various treatments that you can choose to have included in a facial instead of having a facial that just covers the basics. Each treatment is different based on what type of skin condition that is wanting to be treated. Craft Estetica has treatments for fine lines/wrinkles, natural face lifts, acne, skin discoloration, and premature aging.

Craft Estetica differs from other spa places because they cater to all skin types as well as creating facials that are tailor made to an individual rather than having a generic facial that does not target a specific facial need. Another thing that makes Craft Estetica stand out from other places, is that they use natural and holistic ways to treat the skin and conditions. To learn more, visit Craft Estetica at!