Cellos for Sale

Cellos for sale from Upton Bass is the perfect choice for your next new cello. If you are looking to save money, they offer a selection of both new and used instruments. At multiple pricing tiers. They have instruments made to fit the budget of beginners and students, as well as lifelong orchestral musicians. Look no further and check out their selection of cellos and basses, all for sale.

Cellos For Sale

Cellos are a fine instrument and an essential part of any orchestral piece. Along with Basses they are a sensitive instrument to make. The type of wood, strings, and every angle are important. Upton Bass has a style of their own that they’ve been using since opening their shop. At this point, it’s become known worldwide as “Upton Style” and is a very popular design for players.

Upton Bass also does repairs. Check out their website and see the repairs they’ve done over the years. Some of them look not even salvageable, but they managed to work their magic and make them playable again. In addition to cello and bass repair, they also repair violins. This is of course including bows and other accessories. Take the time to explore their website to learn all about their repair process and their style.

Upton Bass also sells vintage instruments. If you are looking for a classic style of bass or cello, check out their vintage instrument section. As with many vintage and antique items, be prepared to pay a decent amount for them. These instruments are not only a living piece of history but also delicate and beautiful pieces of art in themselves. Added to their age, it makes their worth quite something. Learn more about Upton Bass and their history on their website. Find great prices on many wonderful cello and bass as well.