Maine Coffee Supplier

If you live in Maine or work in Maine you may want to make sure you have a Maine coffee supplier. It’s been Smithed Coffee Company is a Maine based supplier of excellent, premium coffee. You can contact them to wholesale their coffee for your own sales in your cafe, restaurant, or other businesses. You can also order wholesale and give your employees or co-workers a better coffee for their breaks and mornings. Wholesale pricing can save you a lot of money and supply a better quality coffee!

Single Origin Coffee

Starting with their choice of beans, making sure to have a significant selection of coffee beans that have a single origin, meaning they were all farmed in the same location, instead of blending coffee beans from multiple areas of the world. Single origin coffee offers the unique attributes of the area in which it was farmed, giving the coffee a distinguished flavor.

Maine Coffee Supplier Blends

Of course there are very popular and interesting blends of coffee that they provide as well. Roasting beans from different regions to create new unique flavors. It’s been Smithed has 13 different blended roasts for you to choose from.

Flavored Coffee for the Win

With over 30 flavors of flavored coffee (including a secret menu), you won’t ever get bored of the same old taste. Pick flavors for the season or just some select choices to have next to our regular coffees. All flavored coffees start with a base of Columbian Supremo, with zero added sugar. Some coffees taste like they contain alcohol, but they are all alcohol free.

Fair Trade Organic

All of It’s Been Smithed coffees are grown organically, ethically harvested and purchased. They do this to support fair labor rights, working conditions, and pay for the people who make their living to provide us with amazing coffee. Every Maine coffee supplier should endorse fair trade.

Time for a New Maine Coffee Supplier?

Check out the It’s Been Smithed website and reviews, and then go and order yourself a delicious choice of coffee for you home, office, business, or as a gift for a coffee enthusiast friend today!