Maine Rope Distributor

Are you searching for the best Maine Rope Distributor in the state? Look no further than The Rope Guru! These professionals have a great mission statement that gives insight into their business. The Rope Guru vows to supply and service synthetic rope solutions for application in electrical utility, arboriculture, heavy lift crane, construction, and marine industries across New England. They will go wherever the best Maine Rope Distributor is needed! Jamie Goodard, the owner, has over 20 years of experience in the sale, service and safety of rope. He found his passion in the categories of electrical utility, arboriculture and heavy lift markets across the globe. He has formed a team of rope people which offers a great diversity of knowledge and experience.

The Rope Guru offers a number of different services, from sales to splicing, they can do it all! He has a knack for creating tolls out of rope. This Maine Rope Distributor does more than just sell you rope. They have the skills to be able to make winch lines for utility trucks, eye splices for transmission and distribution pulling lines, climbing lines, rigging lines, tow ropes, slings and more. Their experience and services do not stop there! If needed The Rope Guru can also do on site inspections. They also go one step further and offer virtual classrooms where you can learn about advanced learning of synthetic ropes. You will also learn how to inspect the different types and different applications for the ropes use.

No matter what type of rope or rope tool you’re looking for. Chances are this Maine Rope Distributor either carries it or can create it for you! Don’t put your trust in one of those corporate, giant rope distributors. Put your safety and life in the hands of this hard working, knowledgeable Maine Rope Distributor. Each member of the team has a passion for rope, and it shows in their work. They carry only the best quality ropes from the best manufactures around. They take their job and your life seriously. When you work in an industry that relies heavily on the rope you use, it is essential to make sure you get it from a reputable Maine rope distributor.