Insulating Weather Stripping

Shore up your homes insulation with Insulating Weather Stripping from Accurate Machine Made. There is a good reason metal Insulating Weather Stripping has been the industry standard in window and door insulation. That reason is because of its stamina and effectiveness, and not to mention out of the way. It is one of the best ways to totally stop air flow and seal any leaks through your homes windows and doors.

A part of insulating weather stripping history

The current company manufacturing these Insulating Weather Stripping parts may have a different name today, but the original manufacturer of this minimally updated design was Acme Weatherstrip, when it began in 1989. So that this product has been used as the standard for such a long time should tell you of its efficiency. These products have probably been in many of the homes and buildings you’ve lived and worked in all your life!

True to quality

Despite the changing nature of the industry, the commitment to the quality of this product have not changed. As such they are one of if not the best choice in Insulating Weather Stripping for doors and windows. Accurate, has committed themselves to guaranteeing a consistent product with high quality manufacturing and fast service. They have made it even easier for contractors to purchase their products, with a brand new online ordering process.

Part of the story

Accurate will always fondly remember Acme Weatherstrip as it continues to produce its most successful products. Back in 2019, after 5 generations of the Kammer family ran the business, Fred and Ron Kammer, announced their retirement. The owner of Bagala Window Works (the parent company of accurate) Marc Bagala, jumped on the chance to purchase the machines made to produce a product they had been selling for over 34 years. He then created Accurate as the company to produce these industry standard Insulating Weather Stripping units.

If you are a contractor and you need a reliable source of interlocking Weather Stripping units go to Accurate’s webpage and get your order started.