Proknee ap16 Replacement Parts

Order proknee ap16 replacement parts now that you’ve received or given the proknee ap16 this holiday season, or maybe picked on up for yourself, you’ll want to know how to replace the wearable parts when the time comes. Or perhaps you received yours a few years ago and you need to replace the worn down pieces.

Look no further! You can now order replacement parts for the ap16 here!

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Why are proknee ap16 replacement parts needed?

If you aren’t familiar with knee pads for industrial jobs, construction and other working conditions require durability. In jobs where you may need to be on your knees for extended periods of time, especially on hard surfaces, you may not know that it’s best to make certain parts of the knee pad replaceable. There aren’t many materials out there that provide comfort and last forever. This is why we provide you with an easy way to replace these worn down parts.

Are there third party options for proknee ap16 replacement parts?

Possibly, however you cannot guarantee the same quality or durability from a third party, this is why it’s often best to buy the brand named product.

What’s so special about the ap16?

The ap16 was given as many of the features of the heavier duty model 0714, but with many of its own proprietary features as well. The goal is a product for users to have a comfortable and durable knee-pad that isn’t going to be used all day every day, but is used often on the worksite. Proknee ap16 replacement parts are here so that when the time comes, you can keep your investment going and continue to use the knee-pads. The Proknee is also specially designed to have a knee pocket and still have a flat bottom for stability when doing your work.

How do I replace the old parts?

Fortunately, there are detailed instructions on the product page informing you how to insert the replacements to keep your knee pads comfortable and useful on the job. Simply go to the product page here and follow the easy instructions.