Yalegrips : The Rope Guru

If you work in an industry that has to haul a lot of things, you might be familiar with a tool called Yalegrips. If you’re interested in learning more about Yalegrips. The Rope Guru is always more than happy to answer any questions his customers might have! If you are familiar with this tool, but are looking to learn more about the best way to use them. He strongly recommend that you size the Yalegrips you need by the load and not be the cable size it fits. His expertise also recommends that when you have a load that needs to be spread, a six leg grip is recommended.

Although The Rope Guru has a great selection of Yalegrips available for purchase right on his website. He also has the experience and tools to be able to customize anything. All you need to do is get in touch and he will be able to get you a quote for your custom grips. If you’re not in the field and are curious exactly what Yalegrips are used for. I will do my best to help enlighten you with what I’ve learned from The Rope Guru himself. Yalegrips are used for pulling and as stopping grips for electrical line construction. They can also be very useful with marine stoppers and for temporary/permanent strain relief. One thing is for sure, these grips are much stronger than wire mesh grips. They also don’t run the risk of fishhooking, eliminating an extra safety concern.

The Rope Guru can basically customize anything you need. If you’re looking for some customized grip options all you need to do is ask. He can fully urethaneing the entire grip to extend it’s life span. This is usually done for towing applications. Which is also called giving the Yalegrips a “marine treatment”. These rope experts can also great grips with extended tails to accommodate larger cables. The options don’t stop there, you also have the option of adding thimbles to enhance performance. Bottom line is if you’re in need of Yalegrips, call The Rope Guru!