Sustainable Floss : Dental Lace

Do you ever wonder if you are using sustainable floss while you are standing in front of the mirror trying to make sure you get all the corners of your mouth? Do you even stop to think about what the floss your using in your mouth, in between your teeth and therefore all your digestive system is really made from? Most of us don’t. I generally try not to think about what it is I’m using because I know that much of the things we put into our faces these days is petroleum based. It’s really gross to think about. Do we ever really stop to wonder what will happen when the plastic either runs out or becomes outlawed? Will we wash and reuse our plastic based floss? I don’t know. I hope not but I also know people who save aluminum foil and plastic sandwich bags. Perhaps those people will be the Buffets & Bezos of the apocolypse age. In the mean time we need to figure out how we can work on being better both to ourselves and to the planet at large. Do you know the world is on fire? I am not sure how long now the wildfires have been burning the North West but it’s been a few years now. What is happening to all the plastic that is being burned?

Dental Lace is a company owned by a woman who used to teach High School English. She got tired of the struggle, much like I am sure Mother Earth is tired of the struggle of sustaining humanity and she pivoted. Pivoted, such a buzz word! It’s great though, there is no better term for totally shifting your career/work trajectory to something else, maybe it’s similiar maybe it’s totally different. Sustainable floss is a pivot you can make in your daily life to improve your own overall health as well as that of Mother Earth. The products at Dental Lace, LLC are sustainable, compostable and easily shipped right to your door. Dental Lace Refillable FlossĀ® is a 100% zero waste, refillable and eco-friendly dental floss.