Maine Carved Sign : Sebago Signworks

One of the most iconic things anyone who has spent time here appreciates as a gift is a Maine carved sign. Perhaps you have family members who have all the things one could possibly imagine. What does one give them? It is possible that a carved sign is exactly the thing they do not have but definitely need. What is a sign, exactly? According to the New Oxford American Dictionary a sign is anĀ object whose presence or occurrence indicates the probable presence or occurrence of something else; these can be both tangible or intangible. What would be an intangible sign? In some ways lightening is an intangible sign of an upcoming storm, unless of course it strikes you and then it’s very tangible. Scents are intangible signs and perfumes/colognes are a way of signaling to others something about yourself, much easier than wearing a label that says “Foodie, whisky lover, cat person” It would be very heavy to carry around a carved sign saying those things. There are some things that a Maine carved sign would get across very well, though. Such as the latitude and longitude of your family camp, the date of your marriage or better yet, divorce. Perhaps your camp has a fun name. A carved sign is a gorgeous long term indicator of exactly what you are hoping to get across. Sebago Signworks is your local, quick, dedicated sign makers. Maine is a large state and when you want a quality sign that will last ages you want to talk to the people at Sebago Signworks.