Interlocking Bronze Weather Stripping

Interlocking bronze weather stripping from Accurate Machine Made is one of the best moves you can make in your home improvement game. Every home owner knows, or should that much of their energy bill is literally going right out the windows and doors. Flowing like air, heat and cooling doesn’t always stay where one wants it to. Have you ever turned up the heat to be more comfortable in your front room and cannot understand why you still need a sweater? It’s likely because your weather stripping is poor and that warm is moving out faster than the money to pay for it flows in.

Weather stripping windows is not rocket science but it does require knowledge, the right tools and the best equipment. Accurate Machine Made is a Maine company that prides itself on having the right tools, the best equipment AND the information you need to do it yourself or hire a quality professional.

Wooden window frames were once the only option we had and they are charming but also potentially costly as years go by and the gaps made by natural expansion and contraction can leave one feeling like the charm is too expensive. Some choose to replace these beautiful and long lasting pieces for things made from petroleum, the resource that’s doing us all in and will run out before we realize. Accurate Machine Made Weatherstripping believes in prolonging the life of what we have while also improving the efficiency of what is potentially an old space. Interlocking bronze weather stripping allows for incredibly versatile filling of gaps/openings in your windows and doors allowing you to maintain both the charm and efficiency of your home.