Arborist and Climbing Rope : The Rope Guru

It’s spring time in New England which means that arborist and climbing rope is prime material right now. Tree trimming is an important part of yard maintenance for some home owners. The Rope Guru has all the things you might need for climbing around in the trees or the good ol’ New England rocks. If you’re going rock climbing it is maybe even more important to have good rope around you. Arborist and climbing rope is something that is best purchased from a reputable dealer, one that really understands the activities that you are involved in.

The Rope Guru has a solid inventory; a variety of  48 strand Kernmaster, XTC 16 strand, XTC 24-strand climbing lines like PRISM ROPE and ARROW FROG ROPE for work positioning ropes, as well as rigging ropes like Double Esterlon. We also hold New England’s largest inventory of HMPE ROPE for light weight, low stretch, non water absorbing winching ropes. Whether you like your rope in sunshine yellow, stop here orange, or blue we have the rope for you. We even have cool multi colored ones! These ropes are only for outdoor large scale rope activities not bedroom activities. Nylon and polyester do not feel good on the skin and using carabiners.

So get outdoors more this year! Climb rocks! Climb trees! Climb every mountain! If you have to play in a car that requires a rope need we can help with that too.

I find it incredible how important rope still is in our world that is so oriented towards motors, electronics and metal. Rope has been made for thousands of years! Probably as soon as someone noticed that their hair became rope like due to lack of washing and some good friction. I wonder how they went about deciding to try to weave other fibers together. I just knit, I don’t spin, so there are things about creating a solid rope like thing that i have no idea about yet.