Car Wraps : Sebago Signworks

Have you ever considered having car wraps done on your work fleet is essentially creating a fleet of moving billboards? Well if not, I hope I put a different perspective on car wraps for you. There is nothing that advertises and gives a sense of professionalism than car wraps. Just take a moment to think about all the different vehicles you pass by on the road each day. Now think about how many of those vehicles truly got your attention. It was probably vehicles that have had a car wrap done, ones that tell you about what they do and how to contact them!

Now you might not be considering car wraps for your fleet or coupe of vehicles because word of mouth is your biggest referral source. Well just think about how many more referrals you might get if the neighbors of the person you’re doing work for can get your information just from your vehicle. Make it as easy as possible for people to get in touch with out after admiring the work you’ve done. Now that I think I’ve got you convinced that car wraps can be a great referral source. Now you need to know who to contact to have your car wrap completed. Let me introduce you to the sign and design experts at Sebago Signworks. These experts have spend years perfecting and upgrading their car wrapping process. They have the ability to design and wrap your car all from the same facility.

This family owned Maine business loves to help fellow business owners by providing them with all sorts of advertising opportunities. From the road sign, to car wraps, they can help with the design and production of almost anything. You don’t have to just take my word for it though. There are a number of Sebago Signworks happy customers. They have even worked for giant companies like Irving Oil. If you’re interested in checking out some of their past designs. They are all available under their work portfolio on their website. Don’t wait, as their books could fill up fast this year. Get in touch with these car wrap experts today!