Nylon Rope : The Rope Guru

If you’re in search of high quality, industrial grade, 100% nylon rope you should make The Rope Guru your first stop! Luckily they have a great eCommerce website that has a variety of nylon ropes to choose from. The Rope Guru is a company you can put your trust in. The owner, Jamie Goddard, has spent 20 years of his career in rope sales, service and safety. He knows that sometimes you life depends on the reliability of your equipment, and only sells the best quality products. Jamie has dedicated himself to working in the rope industry for electrical utility, arboriculture and heavy lifts needs.

The Rope Guru offers industrial 3 strand twisted 100% nylon rope in a variety of thicknesses ranging from 3/8″ to 1″. What makes nylon rope so strong is the steam heat set used right before twisting the rope, this also helps prevent shrinkage. This type of rope is used for a lot of different applications for a number of different reasons. It has a high stretch factor, strength, and has the best shock absorbency of any other synthetic rope. Many different industries put nylon rope to work including anchor lines, tow rope, dock lines, hand lines, long-lines, mooring lines and so much more!

If you’re not sure if nylon rope is the right choice for what you need it for, The Rope Guru would be happy to guide you in the right direction. If you’re local to Maine, their mobile rigging unit can come to you! This mobile rigging unit can come offer support while you’re in the field, they want to keep you running and running safely. If your nylon rope has reached the end of it’s life, but you cannot afford to stop what you’re doing, call The Rope Guru. Put your trust in this rope provider, The Rope Guru will not pull you in the wrong direction!