Interlocking Weather Stripping : Accurate Machine Made

If you’re in search of the best possible Interlocking Weather Stripping on the market, make sure that Accurate Machine Made is your first stop! Accurate Machine Made gets their name from the literal machines they use to make their product. If you’ve been working in the window installation industry for awhile you’re probably familiar with the Accurate Metal Weatherstrip Company, which got it’s start in 1898. It was started by the Kammerer family, the original pioneers in weatherstripping. They spent their career developing and making weatherstripping more efficient.

The now owner of what is now, Accurate Machine Made, knew how important the Krammerer family’s work was to the industry. When they announced they were going to be retiring in 2019, Mark Bagala took this as an opportunity to keep the Accurate Machine Made interlocking weather stripping in production. Accurate Machine Made knows how important it is to use the best weather stripping possible to increase heating and cooling efficiency. Having the right interlocking weather stripping installed in your windows could make all the difference when it comes to your energy costs.

So when you purchase interlocking weather stripping from Accurate Machine Made you are purchasing product that was created by the original Accurate Metal Weatherstrip Company machines. The Accurate Machine Made company is all about producing and selling the best product. They also go the extra mile to share efficiency data with the customers, explaining why their product is the best on the market.