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If you use a ProKnee Model 07 Knee pad everyday there will be a point when you are going to need ProKnee Model 07 replacement parts. Luckily for you there is an eCommerce store where you can find any part for ProKnee Knee pads, Independence Floor Supply. They have been licensed by the Maine based company, ProKnee, to carry all of their knee pads, as well as all the replacement parts for each model. Independence Floor Supply offers a great, simple online experience for purchasing you ProKnee replacement parts. They even offer interactive part diagrams for each model, making it easy for you to find the right part.

Independence Floor Supply stays up to date on ProKnee’s product line, innovation as well as new product lines. If you’re a flooring installation professional and have yet to get yourself a ProKnee knee pad, you need to check out Independence Floor Supply’s website today. Not only are these products designed with your body in mind, they are made in a way where there everyday person can replace parts that wear out.

ProKnee Model 07 Replacement Parts
ProKnee Model 07 Parts
ProKnee Replacement Parts

If you’ve been a long time user of ProKnee knee pads, and have one of the original model 07, you might be in need of ProKnee Model 07 replacement parts. Not matter what part you need you can find it through Independence Floor Supply. They carry ProKnee Model 07 boot screws, ProKnee Model 07 buckle hardware, ProKnee Model 07 no wrinkle liners, ProKnee Model 07 complete parts kits and more! Don’t make the mistake of going anywhere else, Indepdence Floor Supply is also a Maine based floor supplier. This means that they know what flooring professionals need and have the ability to obtain it. It also means that when you contact them with any questions, most likely you will get one of the owners.