Global Security : Global Life Safety Alliance

With the way the works now a days it is more important than ever to think about global security. That’s why the group Global Life Safety Alliance formed. Their vision is to be the number one respected, reliable and trusted authority when it comes to global security. They are a non-profit that is forwarding thinking, while working to gather knowledge from experts on technology. To then turn around offer the best security safety practices around the world. They are committed to keeping the conversation open between the public and private stakeholders. Working towards addressing the current and emerging life safety practices.

If you’re in the global security sector and are interested in either learning more or contributing to the security of the planet, GLSA would be a great place to start. They always keep their website updated with new active members as well as tips and tricks within the industry. The Global Life Security Alliance works towards gathering and providing access to data about…

  • Education and global safety training.
  • The best practices across the globe, nation and regions.
  • How to integrate the public and private life and emergency systems.
  • How to adopt technology to reflect the ever changing risks.
  • Making sure networks are compliant.
  • And so much more!

The Global Life Safety Alliance is comprised of a number of individuals who are experts in the security field. They are comprised of people who have worked for Ring, the video doorbell company. People who have spent most of their careers working with the security industry. Along with people who have made it their lives work to help businesses navigate the complicated realm of data security. If you have an interest in security, be sure to check out the GLSA’s website, where they post frequently about updates within the global security sector.