Maine Fire Alarm Installation

Have you been searching for a local company to complete your Maine fire alarm installation for you? Well look no further than the team of professionals at Maine Fire & Security. This team of experts provides Maine fire alarm inspections, Maine fire alarm installations, along with service and monitoring of most major brands. No matter if you’re working with Simplex, EST, Notifier or another brand of fire alarm system, Maine Fire & Security can provide service and annual inspections to keep you up to code.

Maine Fire & Security has the experience and equipment to outfit anything from your home to a school or hospital with their Maine fire alarm installations. Perhaps you’re not in need of a fire alarm installation, but have found yourself unhappy with your currently fire alarm company, contact Maine Fire & Security for your competitive quote. This expert team knows that it is easy to overlook fire protection systems in residential buildings. That’s why they make your families safety their number one priority. They strongly believe that every home should be full equipped with a system that will alert the occupants in the even of a fire. It is not as easy as placing some smoke detectors around your home, their placement and type are essential for early detection and preventing false alarms.

you can even hire Maine Fire & Security for their servicing programs that ensures your batteries are always up to date and that your smoke detectors are working properly. If you’re interested in learning more about what Maine Fire & Security can offer to help keep you and your family safe, get in touch with them today. They will walk you through their process, their service and program options and more. Don’t spend another day with old, useless smoke detectors, ensure your family’s safety by working with Maine Fire & Security.