Independence Floor Supply : ProKnee Knee Pads

If you’re a flooring professional, I am sure you’ve heard of the company ProKnee Knee Pads. ProKnee is a Maine based company that develops and produces quality knee pads and other products geared towards the floor installation industry. The one thing I love about Proknee Knee Pads is that they are made to have the pieces that wear out replaced! They develop their products with the consumer in mind, instead of trying to make the most money. I am proud to say that ProKnee is a Maine company.

ProKnee has developed a total of 5 different knee pads, three of which are currently available to purchase new. Although they have moved on in models, they still sell replacement parts for the knee pads no longer being produced! They know their knee pads are built to last and won’t leave anyone out in the cold or force them to upgrade. So whether you’re still rocking the Original Model or Model 07, you can still purchase replacement parts through ProKnee and Independence Flooring Supply. Their newest knee pad models include Model 0714 Standard, Model 0714E Wide and the newest of them all AP16 All Purpose.

ProKnee never stops researching and developing the best possible knee pads for flooring installation professionals. If you are on your knees all day installing flooring and you haven’t invested in ProKnee knee pads, I suggest getting on that today! Not only will working be more comfortable, but your body will thank you. You can order new ProKnee through a local Maine flooring supply company, Independence Flooring Supply in Westbrook, ME.