207 Plumbing & Heating : Heat Pumps

I feel as though we are at a pivotal moment in regards to our climate, and there are a number of different technologies coming out try and reduce our carbon footprint. One of these new age heating system technologies are called heat pumps. They have been around for a few years and are quickly being the number one heating and cooling system choices for new constructed homes. I will get into a little more detail later, but heat pumps are essentially electrically powered self contained units that transfers hot and cold air depending on your desired temperature.

Everyone in the heating industry including 207 Plumbing & Heating offer heat pump installation and service. They recognize the great amount of savings heat pumps offer home and business owners. They provide a central system that is very energy efficient and much less of an invasion to install than more traditional heating and cooling systems. Heat pumps are much more energy efficient because they more heat instead of spending the energy to create it. So much more energy efficient that traditional heating and cooling systems it can operate at a quarter of the operating cost.

Not that I’ve got you curious about heat pumps, the next step would be to find a heat pump technician like 207 Plumbing & heating. These heat pump pros will take the time to work with you to design the best heat pump option available to suite your individual needs. Not only do they take of the heat pump installation they can also take care of any repairs or maintenance your heat pump needs. So if you’re ready to stop burning oil to heat your home and to loose those unsightly window air conditioning units, call 207 Plumbing & Heating to talk about heat pumps today!