Tint Maine : Microneedling

Have you ever heard of a skin rejuvenation procedure called microneedling? I wasn’t very familiar with it until I found an amazing company called Tint Maine. From them I have learned a lot about the process right from their website. I was very impressed that they spent the time to make sure that their potential/ current clients are educated and informed. Just reading what they had to offer did get me thinking about all the benefits of having a microneedling procedure.

I have learned that mechanical action of the microneedling pen creates very controlled micro channels within the skin, which then triggers our body’s natural healing process. These microchannels created by the microneedle allows the serum and anti-inflammatory mist to be further absorbed into the skin. Along with the microneedling procedure there is a human growth hormone mask that can boost the results of the procedure. Remember those microchannels I mentioned? Well as those channels heal, your skin produces new collagen and elastin along with new capillaries which improve blood supply. Improved blood supply helps the supportive network under the skin to rebuild. You might be wondering after all this technical jargon, what exactly does microneedling do?

Having this procedure done is proven to help with the improvement of the skins texture, firmness, tone along with the reduction of scars, pore size and stretch marks. There are many different practical uses for this microneedling procedure, such as treating; skin laxity, pore size, acne scars, fine lines & moderate wrinkles, traumatic scars, hair loss, diminished tone, texture and color along with sun damage. This minimally invasive procedure can promise some great results, but what can you expect after you’ve left the chair. With microneedling there is very little down time, and does not burn the skin like some laser treatments. You will go home looking like you’ve gotten a bad sunburn, but that will lessen over a three or four day period. When you go to the professionals at Tint Maine they will make sure you leave the office feeling reassured and that your have all the things to properly help your skin heal along the way. If I’ve peaked your interested in having the microneedling procedure done, call the experts at Tint Maine and talk with them today!