Independence Floor Supply Inc : Maine Made Kneepads

Like most Mainer’s I will go out of my way to purchase Maine made products. There are a lot clothing, accessories and so much more right here in Maine. One of the best products made for flooring industry is also made right here in Maine, if you’re looking for some Maine made kneepads, look no further than at Independence Floor Supply. They carry the full line of ProKnee products which are all made right here in Maine!

From what I’ve heard the ProKnee products are one of the best items flooring installation professionals can buy for themselves and their employees. ProKnee makes a hand full of different kneepad products, all designed to save the installers knees. Not only does ProKnee sell full and complete Maine made kneepads, they also sell almost every part of each design. They do this so people aren’t forced to purchase a whole new kneepad when something breaks. You can find all of these Maine made kneepads replacement parts online at Independence Floor Supply’s website. If you’re a flooring installation professionals that lives and or works here in Maine, you should be equipped with these Maine made kneepads, ProKnee.