Zwellyn Pottery

If you haven’t heard about Zwellyn Pottery then you’re missing out. This amazing potter creates a variety of great products molded out of clay. She started her passion for working with clay while in college. It only took a couple classes to light a fire under her. She never expected for it to be anything more than a passion and hobby. Back in the early 2000’s she started working at Portland Pottery and put her creations in the their art shows. After leaving Portland in 2006 and taking a break from throwing clay to start her web development company she stumbled upon some equipment that allowed her to get back to throwing again!

Now a days she not only goes to a small number of craft shows, she has also sells a lot of her pieces on her online shop as well as Etsy. Her knowledge of the internet and how to shape and sculpt clay has left her with a thriving pottery business called Zwellyn Pottery. Both on Etsy and her online store you can find amazing looking mugs, plates, vases, dishes, bowls, and even some unique items such as yarn bowls, and honey pots. She is very creative and loves the holidays, so expect to see themed products such as jack o lantern coffee mugs or heart vases.