Downeast Audio Video : Custom Home Theaters

I know that I’ve always dreamed about an amazing custom home theater, so I was thrilled to learn that there was a local company who could help me achieve my dreams! The professionals over at Downeast Audio Video are experts at creating custom home theaters. They can help with everything from design to making sure that you’ve got the right equipment and of course the installation!

These professionals won’t just come in and take over, they take the time to talk with their customers to make sure to learn their needs and wants. They will handle everything from acquiring the proper equipment, and even go as far as making acoustic treatments and more.

They stay up to date on the latest technology, they currently offer wireless custom home theater systems. These are a great alternative if traditional wired systems are not possible. These systems are usually a great option for retrofitting or for people who are renting and can’t make any changes to the infrastructure of the home. Wireless custom home theater systems don’t loose any sound and they are extremely versatile. Another great feature of the wireless systems is that they are usually able to be controlled from your PC or smart device.

If you’re in the market for your custom home theater, call the audio and video professionals at Downeast Audio Video today. They know their stuff, from the latest name brand equipment to the best arrangement for acoustics in the space you’re working with.