Sea Glass Jewelry

I was recently told about an amazing place to get some handmade, made in Maine sea glass jewelry, FOUND in Kennebunk, ME. When I was a kid I used to love walking along the Maine beaches and finding all the best pieces of sea glass. I know a handful of other people that still do the same! Some people make different crafts with it, and it turns out that FOUND has discovered some talented artists that great sea glass jewelry with it!

Who wouldn’t want a piece of the sea close to them all the time!? At FOUND they currently have a beautiful necklace, and 2 different styles of earrings. All the sea glass jewelry is made with sterling silver and naturally worn pieces of sea glass. The silver is purchased from a company who uses recycled/recovered and renewable materials. If you’re looking for a lovely piece of sea glass jewelry, visit FOUND and see their selection for yourself!