Moisture Control Products

Sometimes moisture is unavoidable, but lucky for you The Odor Guys have an amazingĀ  moisture control product that “crushes the impact of humidity on surfaces.” Don’t let your valuables and collectibles be affected by moisture. This moisture control product called DrySorb is great for storing boats, RV’s, vehicles, boats, but it doesn’t stop there, it is also useful around the home. You can place DrySorb in storage areas, gun cabinets, backpacks, bureaus and so much more to prevent mildew and mold growth. No longer does mildew or mold have to spoil your fun! The DrySorb product comes in an easy to use pouch. This moisture control product from The Odor Guys will never stain your upholstery, it’s odorless as well as non-toxic and affordable.

Not sure if one package will do the job? The Odor Guys are one stop ahead of you, they’re selling this amazing moisture control product in 1lb, 2lb and 4lb bags. They also have a very helpful chart telling you how much of each you will need for your specific needs. Don’t let your things be damages by mildew or mold. Moisture in the air can cause some issues such as rust and other corrosive growths that thrive in moisture, but when you eliminate the moisture you WILL get stop the issues that are caused by a moist environment. There is no need to worry about the product spilling in your items, it is securely packaged in a 100% spun bound polyester bag. All you need to do is set it on the surface in the areas which you wish to rid moisture. The pouch itself never feels moist to the touch, and when it’s “puffed up” and full of moisture all you need to do is throw it away and place a new DrySorb bag!