Sea Glass Jewelry

Living in Maine you can walk along the beach and find a handful of sea glass, but as you may know, every piece is different. Some jewelry artists in Maine have taken some of those unique and beautiful pieces and turned them into sea glass jewelry. The people at FOUND have found some of those amazing artists and brought them to their shop in Kennebunk. Whether you’re just visiting Maine and want to take a small piece of it home with you, or if you’re a resident and love wearing your home state close to you, you’ll find something at FOUND!

sea glass jewelry

Some of the artists in the shop have made some amazing sea glass classy and beautiful necklaces and earrings. One particular artist that is creating and selling sea glass jewelry create it right here in a small barn in South Berwick, ME. There are two jewelry artists working together are a mother and daughter team. They create sea glass jewelry that has an individual design and are comfortable to wear daily. They only use Sterling silver and argentium sterling that is purchased from a company that only uses recycled/recovered and renewable materials. Not only can you look lovely with a pair of sea glass earrings or a necklace, but you can feel food knowing their handcrafted with renewable materials.