Antimicrobial Products

The people over at Global Biotechnologies care about you and your family. They work hard to develop products that will keep you safe. Their antimicrobial products kill 99.999% of 130 different viruses, bacteria, mold and yeast in 30 seconds or less. They have created a family of germ killing products, The Microsan Rx ® family of anti-microbial products which include surgical scrubs, lotions and last but not least, foaming hand sanitizers. One of the big pluses for using their antimicrobial products is that they work differently from antibiotics and do not work like antibiotics, which means they organisms do not develop resistance to their active ingredients.

Each of their different products provides different levels of protection. For instance the hand lotion is said to leave a glove like protection that continues to kill bacteria, viruses and mold for 4-6 hours. They have also developed a foaming hand sanitizer that provides protection for 2-4 hours. The foaming hand sanitizer works better and longer than your standard alcohol based sanitizers. The alcohol based sanitizers stop working the second they dry, while the Microsan Rx ® Foaming Hand Sanitizer will kill germs for up to 4 hours! These products do will not leave you with the feeling of a film on your hands. The materials they use in this product does not require compensation with moisturizers. Give your family the best protection it can get and get yourself some of the The Microsan Rx ® family of anti-microbial products today.