Veggie Wash

Did you know that unless you’re buying your fruits and veggies from an organic farm they’re covered in toxic pesticides, unhealthy fertilizer residue, food waxes and heavy metal residues? That’s just from within the US, but some fruits that are imported could contain pesticides that are banned in the US. Not only are there all these possible containments, there are some many shipments that the FDA can only inspect 1% of those shipments. The scientists at Global Bio Technologies have taken the time to develop a veggie wash that can really clean your fruits and veggies!

We all take a little bit of a risk when we shop at the grocery store but you can take steps to make the food safer for your family. The exclusive Fresh N’ Clean® formula breaks down and encapsulates pesticides so that the do not re-deposit on your produce. They have done some extensive laboratory tests to make sure they’re only providing the best product. The Fresh N’ Clean formula was proven to remove up to 600% more contaminants than rising your fruits and veggies with water. The reason the pesticides don’t wash off with water is because they’re designed to not wash off in the rain. Global Bio Technologies Fresh N’ Clean veggie wash exclusively “multi-clean” systems that break down and remove pesticides and left over fertilizer.