Made in Maine

One one of the best thing about FOUND is that they sell made in Maine products! When you go shopping at FOUND you’re bound to go home with something that will always bring a memory back to life whenever you looks at it or use it. When you walk into FOUND you will be immersed in Maine’s creativity in a tangiable way. They offer a variety of made in Maine items such as handcrafted furniture, home furnishings, glassware and pottery, domestic wares, jewelry and accessories and of course items that would make a perfect gift for anyone and any occasion!

When you’re shopping at FOUND you can rest assured knowing that everything in the store is a handmade made in Maine artist or crafts person. The staff at FOUND takes the time to get to really know the artists that they feature in their store. They take the time to get to know that artist to learn why they make their crafts also so that can answer any questions about the artist or the item you’re interested in. They started FOUND intending for it to be more than shopping but want to make it an experience where you have that “I found it!” moment.