Christina Blais : Collage Quilter

Growing up my grandmother was always making quilts, whether they were for us kids or the Christmas fair, she was always making quilts with beautiful patterns. Even growing up around a quilter I know idea that there was a things as a collage quilter. If this is new to you as well let me give you a general idea of what makes a collage quilter. A collage quilter is someone who doesn’t necessarily follow the rules of a pattern. They are free to use as many styles, materials and techniques as they’d like. Christina Blais enjoys being a collage quilter because there are so many different aspects in one quilt. There is the photographic realism, abstraction, all sewn, all fused, enhancement with paints or other embellishments. Christina Blais has created many beautiful collage quilts using the techniques of not expecting perfect. She says that she loves it because it’s mostly trial and error along with some experimentation and seeing where the fabric takes you.