Christina Blais : Collage Quilts

You may be wondering, what exactly is a collage quilt? Not being a someone who makes quilt, I was not aware of all the styles of quilts. Christina Blias specializes in collage quilts, which are all about playing with the fabrics and making them come together to make an overall design. Christina Blias was gracious enough to enlighten us on why she chose to do collage quilts. Christina says, “I enjoy the collage experience because it lowers my expectations that it has to be right the first time.  In collage, I put something down, and I cover it up only if I find a better fabric for that area.  I keep a fabric in place so long as I haven’t found anything better to go in its place.  So, it is all trial and error, experimentation, and seeing what happens.”

One thing that caught my attention about collage quilts is that it means that the entire piece cannot be planned from beginning to end. I learned that your fabric choices made early on are going to directly effect the fabric choices down the road. “In Happy Dog, I nearly painted myself into a corner, having to find fabrics to blend from his belly to hind quarters.”