Ethical Fashion

As we grow as a species we are starting to become more away of how we effect the world around us, and the potential harm we do. Ethical fashion is sort of an umbrella term used to describe a wide variety of things related to fashion design, production, retail and purchasing. Ethical fashion is a movement that aims to bring attention to and fix the way the fashion industries is currently operating. Some of the things it brings attention to is exploitative labor, how it is causing environmental damage, the use of harmful chemicals, waste and animal cruelty.

El Pequeno Colibri operates as a sustainable, fair trade and ethically aware company. They sell only handmade Peruvian textiles, pottery jewelry and folk art.  Allison Ladd envisioned a way to help the struggling Peruvian artists while preserving the cultural heritage while making these amazing products available to you. They believe in only buying these handmade products that have been produced with care and sustainable and delivering them to you. Their customers have the amazing opportunity to experience these beautiful and functional eco-friendly textiles and clothing.