El Pequeno Colibri : Fair Trade

El Pequeno Colibri offers only the highest quality handmade goods brought to you through the strictest in ethical fair trade standards. With a mission to preserve and promote the talents and traditions of artisans in Peru, we work directly in collaboration with the individual artisans. When people shop at El Pequeno Colibri, they are directly supporting artists, their families, and the traditions of Peruvian artisan culture rather than supporting a big company that pays their employees very little to no money in an awful environment. There are multiple articles on places that our clothes come from. Sometimes when we find out where our clothes come from and what type of conditions workers are being put through, we are less likely to buy them. No one likes to buy overly priced items where a big percentage of the profit is not directly supporting the artists family. This is a very important aspect to know about our clothes and shoes because it is just in human nature to help one another. It is not fair that a lot of big companies pay their employees so little to bend over backwards to create a product that people want to buy. This is why buying great, locally made textiles, sweaters, coats and more from El Pequeno Colibri is so important because they pay the local artisans a good amount of money for their goods. To learn more visit El Pequeno Colibri at www.elpequenocolibri.com!