Peruvian Alpaca Sweater

El Pequeno Colibri sells Peruvian Alpaca sweaters that are extremely fashionable. Each sweater varies in design and color. Each sweater is hand knitted using 100% alpaca yarn. No wool, no synthetics. Alpaca yarn is durable and will not pick or itch. Surprisingly it repels water and regains its shape with hand washing. The women who knit these beautiful sweaters are from an association of five. One travels from a village weekly, and the others live in Viva Peru. In the mornings they work together and in the afternoons they are in their homes with their children. The association is called theĀ Association of Viva Peru, Cusco. El Pequeno Colibri is extremely thankful to be working with the association of Viva Peru, Cusco as well as the Michell Store. The Michell Store is located in Cusco, Peru. They supply the highest quality of alpaca yarn that is available. Michell has its own herds of alpaca. The animals get to roam free and are happy as can be. They are sheared once a year, usually around November. Usually they have a ceremony honoring and thanking the alpaca’s before they are gently sheared. Peruvians have this ceremony because in Peru, alpaca’s are treated very humane. The Michell Store are the guys that help El Pequeno Colibri, along with Libia Zarate of Viva Peru.