Handmade Cellos At Upton Bass

Handmade Cellos at Upton Bass are ready for you to buy on their website. Buy an American-made and styled instrument that is growing in popularity. The world-renowned Upton style was created by Upton Bass to compete with the international instrument scene which had taken over the market. Upton Bass believes instruments should be attainable to various levels of musicians. Which is why they have a variety of available quality instruments at different price points. They also have payment options. So you can pay over time. Students, professionals, and hobbyists should all be able to buy instruments that suit their needs.

Handmade Cellos at Upton Bass

With new handmade quality cellos and double bass, Upton has a great selection for all levels. But more than that, they also have used instruments, and also repair instruments. If you have a broken cello, bass, or violin, they can make repairs. Visit their website for more information. Their used selection is also impressive.

Upton Bass started manufacturing American-made instruments because its founder believed there should be more American manufacturing. Their success has only proven that it is not only possible, but it’s thriving. Support American-made musical instruments from Upton Bass, because most orchestral instrument-making is not done in the US. Upton Bass instruments are far higher in value and quality. Made to last the test of time. They also sell accessories to help you maintain your instrument better and longer. Cello and Bass stands to keep your instrument upright all the time for example.