Interlocking Metal Weather Stripping

If you work in the sector of restoring old homes and buildings there’s a good chance that you’ve heard about Interlocking Metal Weather Stripping. This product was designed to help the energy efficiency of older homes without having to replace the windows or doors. Without Interlocking Metal Weather Stripping we would not have many of the historical wooden doors or windows around today!

There might be other companies out there that sell Interlocking Metal Weather Stripping, but Accurate Machine Made is the best on the market. This company got it’s start working at historical restorers. They had been purchasing their weather stripping from a company called Acme Weatherstrip. Acme Weatherstrip had been around for over 100 years. They designed and manufactured the machinery to product their specific weatherstripping. That weatherstripping was used by a number of professionals all across the country.

In 2019 Acme Weatherstrip company announced that they would be closing their doors. The owner of Bagala Window Works could not let that product leave the market. He knew the quality of product and how many people relied on it and the turn around time. So they approached the Acme Weatherstrip company about purchasing their machinery. They were thrilled to see their legacy carry on. That’s when Accurate Machine Made was founded!

Now that they have the plans and machinery they are continuing on the legacy and production of the best metal Weather Stripping on the market. They take pride in being able to help installers and contractors to improve efficiency and save historic doors and windows.