Portland Maine Spring Clean-ups

Spring is almost over and Portland Maine Spring Clean-Ups are still going on with AC Yard Services! If you haven’t started on your lawn and property maintenance than you are behind. But that’s ok! You don’t have the time or energy to do the work? Maybe you own a large property and too much to do? Do you own several properties and are only 1 person? Call AC Yard Services to come out and take care of all that property management and lawn care services that you don’t have time for.

Portland Maine Spring Clean-Ups Set the Tone For the Summer Season

Living in Maine means fast growing grass, ticks and mosquitoes, and beautiful flora all around. But living in Maine doesn’t come with an automatic lawn care provider. With AC Yard Services, you don’t have to put off that outdoor maintenance. They can do just about everything when it comes to landscaping and property maintenance. They even offer property services for those who own and rent or lease property. If you need a property’s outdoor beauty and grooming maintained, they have you covered. With multiple plans for multiple types of clients, They can offer you a regular service plan that suits your needs, but doesn’t go too far. Or go the whole 10 yards with a full service plan.

Services and Plans

With multiple tiers to meet the needs of various clients, you know you’ll get what you need done. AC Yard Services provides three types of plans: Annual, Summer, and Winter plans. Within Annual and Summer plans, they offer three tiers: plan 1: simple lawn mowing and fall clean-up, plan 2: add edging, mulching, weeding, & pruning, and plan 3: adding lawn de-thatching, aeration, and over seeding. The annual plan also includes plowing in each tier.

If you need to get started with your spring clean-up, and want someone else to do the work for you, call AC Yard Services today.