When you need highly durable rope with minimal weight, HMPE rope is a fantastic choice. The Rope Guru can provide it for you and match you with all of your commercial and safety rope for your business or hobby. HMPE is High Modulus Polyethylene, which is an increasingly popular rope in the industry. The Rope Guru buys Dyneema brand HMPE fiber. Why? Dyneema HMPE is 15 times stronger than steel at the same weight. Meaning Dyneema HMPE is the superior choice even to steel, and resistant to cutting, abrasion, UV light, and chemicals.

HMPE Rope for Commercial Application

For hobbiests and adventurers, HMPE is great for things like boating. But there are a great deal of commercial applications for it as well. For example a winch line or a tow cable sling or recovery sling. There are a number of applications in which it would save a lot of effort over standard steel slings which are heavy and painful to smack yourself with. The Rope Guru can provide you with the right type and setup of HMPE, so contact them today or go to their website to learn more!

Dyneema HMPE Fiber

The Rope Guru chooses Dyneema HMPE because of its tested durability and strength. Dyneema fiber is a patented process in which fibers are drawn heated elongated, and cooled down. Then, stretching and spinning leads to molecular alignment, high crystallization and low density. One of the biggest advantages of the Dyneema fiber is long molecular chains that help transfer loads more effectively to the polymer backbone, giving better strength to the rope it makes. The rope resists deformation because it’s highly modulus, hence the name, HMPE. Learn more about HMPE or order what you need for your business at the Rope Guru website, or call them today and speak with their team to find the best solution for your application.