Pro Knee Pads

Pro Knee Pads for the home project enthusiast or the daily flooring or construction worker. No one enjoys knee pain from having to kneel extensively while performing tasks like laying down flooring. That’s why Independence Flooring Supply Inc has plenty of options for those of us who need strong & stable pro knee pads.

Pro Knee Pads for the Professional or the Hobbyist

Independence Flooring Supply Inc has a plethora of choices for knee pads and related products. Products like pad replacements and parts to keep your knee pad investment comfortable and durable for your work. This keeps your knee pads lasting years longer as you can simply replace worn parts when needed instead of buying a new knee pad entirely. Most of their pro knee pads are Proknee knee pads specifically. There are also other very useful products like face shields and other useful things to have around when working in various environments.

Replace Worn Knee Pad Parts

When it comes to keeping your pro knee pads in tip top shape, Independence Flooring Inc has the options you need. Whether an entire replacement kit or just a specific part. You have the choices to keep your knee pad parts from becoming uncomfortable. And this without spending unnecessary money on extra parts you may not need. They have parts for multiple models of knee pads, from ProKnee’s AP16 All Purpose model to the 0714E Wide model. You have the best options for your knees.

Independence Flooring Inc

Started in 2012, Independence Flooring Inc is dedicated to providing folk in the Greater Portland Area the wood flooring they need at high quality and reasonable pricing. Providing wood flooring of every size, finish, and aesthetic to match the look and feel for your home. Visit their product page for their selection of ProKnee Pads or contact them for flooring options.