Maine Dumpster Removal

Find a Maine dumpster removal service for your project now! If you are renovating, remodeling, building, deconstructing, or for whatever reason need a large container for your garbage, you can rent it by contacting Casco Bay Cleanout and reserving their 12-yard or 15-yard trailer unit. Not only is it easier than piling up a bunch of trash outside on a lawn or driveway, but it’s also cleaner, and faster too! The Maine dumpster removal rental includes 5 days with the container, and up to one ton of garbage.

Why is this superior to standard dumpsters?

Many Maine dumpster removal rental companies will drop off their unit in your driveway, or on your lawn, and cause damage when dropped off and picked up. Or other companies expect you to pile your trash up on your yard or driveway, allowing for the possibility of lingering debris, when they come to transfer it into their truck. These trailers are on wheels, and easily roll off your property without causing any damage. Plus their presence during the work makes sure the trash goes directly into the container it leaves in.

Is it more expensive than a normal dumpster rental?

Casco Bay Cleanout prices themselves competitively and thus is not more expensive than a normal dumpster rental. In fact, you may find their pricing more favorable than their competitors.

What kind of projects is this useful for?

Maine dumpster removal is a great service for anyone who has a large amount of waste to dispose of. Whether you are cleaning out your home of unwanted old items, renovating and/or demolishing, or removing a large unwanted eye sore from your lawn.

There will be an extra fee for things like mattresses, tires, TV’s/monitors, gas & fuel tanks, air conditioners, and items with free-on. This is a standard reality of the waste disposal industry.

So visit Casco Bay Cleanout to learn more and make a reservation!