Yalegrips : The Rope Guru

Have you heard that The Rope Guru is now offering Yalegrips that are made from Technora Aramid fiber? If your job requires you to haul or wrangle large loads these Yalegrips might be the perfect solution for you. These tools are used as both stopping and pulling grips for everything from electrical line construction to marine stoppers on hawsers. These Yalegrips can be added quickly to a large range of cable diameters without the need of special tools.

IF you’re used to using wire mesh grips, it might be time to look into making the switch to Yalegrips. These items are not only far stronger, but also do not form into dangerous fishhooks. This makes Yalegrips the perfect safe, strong replacement for the traditional wire mesh grips. This isn’t the only thing these Yalegrips are good for. They can also be used for permanent and temporary eyes. The Rope Guru can help guide you on how to properly use the Yalegrips as well as custom these items. These items can be customized with a number of different options. These options include urethaning the whole grip, which would ultimately extend the life of the grip. This is specially recommended when it will be used with active towing applications.


If you need, you can also add stainless thimbles to the eyes of the Yalegrips to enhance their performance. If you’re interested in learning more about this rope tool, reach out the The Rope Guru. He knows all there is to know about rope and more! Jamie, the owner and operator is more than happy to answer any questions you may have. He will be able to offer suggestions and point you in the right direction depending on your needs!