Accurate Metal Weatherstrip : Accurate Machine Made

If you’re a Maine local you might be familiar with Bagala Window Works, which is also now known for their Accurate Metal Weatherstrip. This company spent 34 years using and relying on the Accurate Metal Interlocking Weatherstrip company for their products. When Mark hear that the company was going out of business he did all he could to not loose that quality product. Bagala Window Works went through the process of acquiring the machines used to make the quality product, and has continued to produce and sell it as Accurate Machine Made.

Accurate Machine Made has also made a point to keep Accurate Metal Weatherstrip’s quick turn around time. As a prior consumer themselves they knew how essential the quick turnaround and quality product were to the industry. They have been able to offer the same kind of service to all of their end users. They even took it one step further and have made it possible to purchase online, with easy pricing and payment! If you work in the window and door sector and have yet to use Accurate Machine Weatherstrip, you should make time to check them out!

Accurate Metal Weatherstrip

Accurate Machine Made takes pride in being able to continue the product and legacy of the Accurate Metal Interlocking Weatherstrip company started back in 1892. If I have peaked your interest in learning more about how the Accurate Machine Made came to own the original machinery, they have their whole story available on their website! They have also done a great job at supplying information about their products, how to use them and how they improve energy efficiency!